The bright lights, the lack of oxygen, the enclosed walls. It's starting to drive me crazy. But this cell can't hold me. None of the guards bother to come in here anymore. Not after I left the remains of the last people to enter my cell splattered against the wall. It's actually kind of comforting. The pure white walls started to become to much to handle. I wouldn't have minded if they'd at least put up like a "hang in there" poster with the kitten on it. Anyway... The doctors here are a little... confused with my case. I passed my psychiatric tests and was deemed sane at my hearing. But here I am. Locked up in this God forsaken place of an asylum. Not anymore. With every bit of energy in my body, I stand up, and walk towards the door.

The halls are filled with flashing lights and blaring sirens. My luck had run out, or so I thought until I found the storage room with my possessions in it. Now It's the asylum's luck that's run out. In front of me, were my beloved, blue-tinted ski goggles. On my way out, I found a pointed steel rod leaning against a wall and took it. As soon as guards came running down the hall, I held the rod in a position to drive into them. Below me were the corpses of multiple security forces who couldn't handle a simple javelin in their throats. Luckily I was able to pull it out with ease. My instincts told me to head for the cafeteria. In the event of a breach, the inmates are transported there by the security. And so that shall be my next stop.



I'm close to the exit now. I hope I can make it. I'm already physically weak, but the injuries I received in the cafeteria are freaking killer. I finally make it the exit. Thank go... It's locked. Son of a bitch It's fucking locked! I could hear the footsteps and the shouts coming from down the hall. The MTF must be here. Great. Without a second thought, I decided to make a mad dash to the staff restrooms that were on this floor. Their windows would be big enough for me to get through. As I neared the bathrooms, though, I felt the seering sharp pain of a bullet slice through my side. I felt myself stumble, trying with all my energy to reach the window. And I make it. And the last thing I see before I fall almost completely unconscious, is a dark figure entering the asylum.

Through hazy vision caused by serious pain and rapid blood loss, I manage to make my way through the woods and up back to the city of Carson NV. My home town. It had been almost three years since I've been here. Ah. The sweet, sweet nostalgia. But there's no time for that. Maria's still here. My last target. I start taking slow steps towards the main road, then I heard it. Sirens. And within that moment, there were lights on me. I didn't get any time to react before the bullets came, and I collapsed. I was certain I was dead. That my soul was just taking one last look through the eyes of my corpse. But I was still breathing, and bleeding, and aching with a pain that hurt like a motherfucker! I let my eyes go dark and drifted unconscious. I could feel my body being carried into some sort of vehicle.

When I woke up, I was sitting on a bench in handcuffs. A man in a suit and tie appeared and sat on the bench opposite of me. He explained to me that due to my little "stunt" I was going to meet the electric chair. If that weren't bad enough, I had to wait. Some other guy was already set to be executed before me and he was taking forever to co-operate. Great. For what felt like forever, I listened to the sounds of the patient react to the tons of volts of electricity surging into him. When the noises finally stopped, I stood up and got ready to go inside. Then I heard something weird. Then I heard screams and what sounded like a small explosion. The building rocked and the ceiling came down. I made one glance at the emergency exit, and bolted...

As if my week couldn't get any worse, now I have to hunt down that bastard who decided to cause a ceiling to crush me. It didn't but still... it's principal of the matter. Oh and uh... maybe I'll hit a few of you readers along the way.


Written by BelowXero

Co-story to Cooked the Psychopath