What makes a scary story, scary? Is it the people, the environment, the Killer? To answer that question, it is neither. It is the music, the noise. You take a horror movie and take out the sound and sure some images will jump scare you without warning or have disturbing images, but it’s just not the same. But the scariest part is when it gets silent. Yes, silent. That is what happened to me. My name is Jake, and this is my story.

I’m a fairly tall and thin man, little muscle and very considerate, a little too considerate. I was walking home one day when I over heard someone crying out in pain in an ally way. I ran over to see what happened but when I arrived the noise was gone and all evidence of it’s existence. I continued on my way home. When I had arrived at my house I had unlocked the door and heard something on the other side of the door. Whispering. I peered through the keyhole but couldn’t see anything due to someone blocking the way. I opened the door with caution, and what I saw might have been the scariest, most disturbing image of my life.

My parents came over to visit. I had to endure a night with them and my family. My mother was very plump and round where as my father was skinny and pale. My wife Beth was the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see in your life. With long wavy red hair, and her sweet soothing smile and her perfect voice. Nothing was better than that. My daughter Rhian was the age of 3 and was the smartest little squirt you’d ever meet. Though she did take after my mother a little, I don’t complain.

We had dinner and went to watch TV. While watching some Nick Jr. the TV had an emergency announcement about some man who escaped from prison and is thought to be in that area. I passed it off and told Rhian that everything would be okay, that mean man would never get us. While watching some more TV my parents had said they had to leave, and I was thankful. We bid them goodbye as they drove off back towards their place they call home.

I had gone and put Rhian upstairs and to bed, and then I heard a noise downstairs. I rushed down to see what the cause was. It was only Beth. She had dropped a plate that had shattered on the floor because of a mouse running loose around our house. I had gotten the broom and chased the mouse away. It was then that I had seen the thing of our doom. There was a silhouette outside on the streets wondering around the street aimlessly. I had brushed it off because Rhian had woke and I rushed upstairs to soothe her cries and screams, for we had troubles before in our life with her crying, and one was too much to handle.

She finally calmed down and fell asleep 10 minutes later. I put her back in her bed and went down to watch a program on the TV that I always watch nightly. About 20 minutes in my episode there was a knock on the door, and Beth had gone to see who was knocking.. A man was standing there asking for a place to sleep for his wife had kicked him out of the house for the night. I saw this young man and noticed he looked very young to be a husband. My attention was then pulled to the TV with a news update on the escaped criminal. He appeared to be believed to be the age of 14 with long black hair, black pants and a red and black hoodie. At this note my eyes widened and I jumped up and told my wife to quickly close the door and not let this man in. But it was too late. He had pulled out his knife and stabbed her in the chest laughing the whole time. I ran out of the room to get to my storage room and grab my gun. If I could kill this man I could run Beth down to the hospital with a slim hope of survival. I searched for a while until I found my double barreled shotgun. Just as I had found it, I heard him speak behind me.

‘You know that isn’t going to help you right? I mean it’s a good idea and all but damn you humans are stupid. Here shoot me. I dare you.” Without a second thought I shot him in the chest. He flew back and hit the wall for this was a very close distance. The gunshot had woken up Rhian. I ran upstairs to grab her and then get Beth and run to the hospital but right as I had turned around he was right in my face. “Hello.” I jumped back, scared as hell. How was he not dead? How could he survive? “Hey man calm down, you’re scaring your child you’re shaking so bad. Here let me see her.” He reaches out for her and I jerk back. “ I’m not low enough to kill a child. Well I am, but not that young.” After staring at each other for what felt like days he just forced her crying soul from me. He started to cradle her. “Ah there there. Hush little baby, Cooked’s gonna kill you unless you stop crying. Yes I know I’m scary and mean, but hell what else would a demon be?!” At that note, he threw her against the wall, splattering her brains all over. He laughed at this. “HAHAHA! Man you really don’t know how much I loved that. It was all, WAAA and toss and SPLAT! Ah it was good!”

I still had a bullet in my gun and I took my one and only chance to shoot him. He flew back once again but got up more swiftly this time. “Damn it man! Do you even know how much those things hurt?” I ran downstairs and hid in a closet like an idiot. He walked down and sat on the TV watching a horror movie I was planning on watching with Beth later that night. Oh Beth. He had turned up the volume to a high level and sat there watching the movie. After a while he spoke. “Do you know what makes a scary story, scary? Is it the people, the environment, the Killer?” I spoke no words back in fear of giving myself away. “Well to answer my own question for you, Jake was it?  It’s none of those things. It’s the sound and the music. Take that away and what do you got? A dull movie with a few disturbing images and jump scares. But the scariest part though, is when the noise cuts off entirely.” The TV was suddenly muted. I heard no signs of his movement but knew of his approach. I started to panic, and nearly broke out crying. Just then he flung open the closet doors and jumped down on me.

Here I am now in my office writing this story explaining the thing word to word. He’s right behind me, forcing me to write this story, make him more public he says. These are my last moments of life. Mom, Dad, if you’re reading this I’m sorry for not showing you enough love in my life and I just want you to know I love you. Now as I ascend to neither Heaven nor Hell, I bid you all goodbye. And be aware of this man with the symbol of the letters CtP. This man they call, Cooked the Psychopath.


written by: TheCookedRice

Co story of: Cooked the Psychopath