Emily played with her dolls in her bedroom, it was late at night and she knew she was supposed to be sleeping. She then heard her dad call her name downstairs. She felt a sad silence approach her, and her unease increased as she thought of facing her parents. When she arrived in the living room the sight chilled her bones. Standing there were two horridly distorted figures. One had bloody torn flesh and broken bones, the arms and hands had been gouged to such a point that she could see the bones beneath, the fingers of this entity had been sharpened, as if someone had gnawed on it with a whetstone. The other was much taller, but it's flesh had been seared and singed, the eyes had been stitched closed, as if someone had wanted them to be blind. All coherent thought left Emily as they spoke in a sultry voice, but she wanted to cry. These weren't her parents anymore. The smaller one spoke in a lightened Tenor voice, while the taller was a clear Alto. They spoke at once, as if they were of the same mind. "Don't be frightened dear child, we just want to play."

Emily was never found... All the police found was a bloody, torn, doll with it's head ripped off. Police continue the investigation, but police are baffled as to what happened. The neighbor was locked in an asylum for what he had seen of the girl. He described the girl as small but deceptively strong, and it seemed as if she were attacked by an animal. Her flesh had been bloodied and torn, as if someone tried to eat chunks of her arms.

The investigation was closed as of May 13, Friday. Police have no leads as to what happened. Some say Emily lives in the house, playing with her dolls upstairs, and she can be heard singing softly while playing in the night....